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Friday, May 20, 2011

Strawberry shortcake!

Ok, here's the deal. For me, strawberry shortcake REQUIRES pound cake. My husband and his family use Bisquick biscuits...yuck! So while the cats away, the mice are eating strawberry shortcake the "right" way!!!!

This little treat brought about cries of "Mama, you're the best cooker EVER!" I didn't correct them! HAHAHA!!! :D


Christina C. said...

Yummmy....loooooove strawberry shortcake. Looks delicious!

Danielle said...

Adorable little girls! Strawberries, miam.... I love strawberry shorcake.
Too cute.

Kim said...

Yummy shortcake!! Your girls are adorable!! They do look to be enjoying themselves!! I use either in my shortcake. Depends on who's shopping really but growing up we always used bicuits made with Bisquik. Ehjoy!!

Sandy said...

Laugh out loud cute!!!!!!