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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Inspired by Grace

Grace colored this picture for me the other day and I was really taken with her colors...sort of a blue-green and grey. Normally she colors everything pink (what princess wouldn't?) so this was a pleasant surprise. I really like how this Tilda turned out...I should take my cues from Grace more often maybe?

We are off to the pumpkin a herd of turtles! ;)

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!



Card Crazy said...

Darling card. Great colors. My compliments to Grace. I see she won out over Izzie, so your next trip had better be to the zoo! I'll be watching you :0

Sue S.

Sandy said...

She is so sweet Rene - she has always been one of my favorite stamps. Great coloring job -- Gracie is going to need her own blog!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get to the pumpkin patch. hmmmm - never seen a herd of turtles.

Jean said...

Love Grace's coloring.. great colors for a child that age.. unusual and you did a great job of matching it.. good for you for sharing her picture with us and for sharing your children with us.. makes us feel as though we are a part of their lives... Thank you again... Now I want you to take pictures of the herd of turtles going to the pumpkin patch!!! have fun!!!
Hugs, Jean

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Your Tilda looks very pretty and I really like your flower border!!!

Tanya said...

Very pretty! I love that color combination and Grace did an awesome job too!

Peggie said...

What a pretty card. Inspiration comes from unusual places sometimes. Grace's card is cute also.

Danielle Champagne said...

Hi Rene, your inspiration lead you to something quite nice, it's good to get out of one's comfort zone and try differently. These calm colors are favourable for dreaming! Love allthe little flowers around Tilda.
Grace's card is pretty cute too!

Rosie said...

Soooo cute Rene! I love the color combo!! I too tend to do pink with my Tilda's, but I've got to give this color combo a try! Your girls are precious too! Hugs, Rosemary

Chris said...

She is adorable, Rene! I love the soft colors that are dreamy in and of themselves. The card is wonderful and perfectly done!

Barb Hardeman said...

This is my third try to comment on this delightful card. I keep getting a blogger error. Your card is really delightful and I love the color combo your sweet little one came up with. It really worked!!! Beautiful job...hugs...Barb

Rene said...

Thanks everyone! I read your comments to Grace and she ate them up...then poor Izzy wondered why no one said anything about hers and I had to remind her that she never made me a card! Sooo...guess what she did before bed? ;D
She is such a stinker!

cabio's craft corner said...

Hey Rene, what a great idea to have Grace's coloring to be your inspiration of the card. How pretty of the color scheme and your card is so pretty. Now that you both share something in common and will have more fun together time on crafting :o)

KayBeScraps said...

wonderful card..
Hugs, Katrin

Jane H said...

Love the colors