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Friday, November 5, 2010

Revamped card for Inventory Challenge #4

I can't believe this is challenge #4!!! How fun is this? I wanted to post this card before we head out for St. Louis. Last night I was contemplating my card for the 7 kids challenge (see below) and the image I had in my head was NOT the final product that emerged (so annoying). Then I received an e-mail from my friend Danielle reminding me of the inventory challenge, which was ribbons and bows! I decided that was exactly what my card needed. So, of course, being a type A, I had to vamp her up before we left (otherwise I would be thinking about her most of the time!). She's still not exactly what I wanted but maybe inspiration will strike at the wedding (or on the long trip there!). Please stop by and see the BEAUTIFUL cards Christina, Danielle and Charlene created!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Judy K. said...

I think she looks absolutly adorable. You did a great job on her! The whole card is wonderful!
Judy K.

Catherine Atkinson said...

Cute! The bows really spruce things up!

Anonymous said...

So sweet, I love the bows you added!

Leslie Anne Avila said...

A super duper cute card. Loving all the pastel colors that you've used. Nice job.
Happy Friday~
Leslie Avila

charlene said...

Cute card Rene I think the ribbons and bows were the perfect touch

Danielle Champagne said...

Hi Rene, so so cute! Well I like very much the bow and ribbon addtion, just perfect. Very lovel pastel colors, and tilda is soo sweet.

Anonymous said...

Cute Rene! I know what you mean about having a card on your mind! So annoying especially when you need to sleep! have a great trip!
Pam Going Postal