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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of SCHOOL!!!!

Ok, I am officially the mom of a kindergartner!  I even managed to make it home before I started crying!  Yay me!  ;D

Here are the highlights!


Sandy said...

Big smile on my face. I have a feeling that the backpacks tell of each girl's personality. Wonderful pictures Rene - thanks!

Card Crazy said...

Congrats, girl! You did better than I did on my son's first day. At least I turned my back so he couldn't see mama blubbering. Great pics, milestone day for you. Now the fun REALLY begins :)
Sue S.

cabio's craft corner said...

Happy smile all over them. I can just tell how excited they are going back to school. Thanks for sharing these cute pics :-)

Barb Hardeman said...

*Grin* They are adorable. How lucky that school has started for you already! Ours go back on Monday! I just love Gracies glasses - so chic! The backpacks are a hoot! I'm sure you'll be scattering rose petals all down the side walk of the school! I always do!!!

Christina C. said...

Brings back the way, I cried too! Thanks for sharing those adorable pics!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember this time,my son's bag was as big as him when he first started kindy ,now he's 21 and 6ft 2
Thanks for sharing
Hugs Julie P

Unknown said...

What adorable girls rene!!!!!Absolutely beautiful picture!!!!!

Unknown said...

Awww.... What cuties!!!! Just love the toothless smile!!!

Danielle Champagne said...

OH!!! Tooo cute. Love those girly backpacks. Gosh... it seems it was yesterday for me. And Friday, my eldest will turn 26, snif.
Gracy is very pretty with her glasses, very stylish.
Hugs to mom. !!!

Rosie said...

Awwww, she's tooooo CUTE!! Mine starts kindergarten next week. :)

Nancy Jensen said...

Congratulations! What cute cute girls!

Jean said...

Well Rene, you are on your way!! LOL... I will tell you what, you have a clone in Grace especially with her new glasses.. she looks so much like you.. in the last few months since the last pictures you sent me of all of you, she has changed so much and look just like you.. Izzy is growing up too and is looking older and love her hair pulled off to the sides.. Both look so adorable, but wish they could stay young and keep going to the zoo and the park, but gotta grow up some time.. but congrats for making it home in one piece...
Hugs, Jean

Kathy Gerace said...

OOOHHH!!! I remember well the day my oldest got on that huge school bus. She was so short, she could hardly see out the window! When my last one got on the bus, I was fighting tears and he never even looked out the window to wave. What a heartbreaker.
Gracie's glasses are so cute on her. Izzy looks like she wants to go too.