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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Izzy's favorite song

She literally sings it alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day!  ;D


Barb Hardeman said...

Oh, how adorable!!! I never knew there were so many verses to the song. How precious to have this recorded - for the future of course!
A delight!

Sandy said...

Big smiles on my face!!!! Not as cute at Izzy's - just an older version!

Madge H. said...

How delightful Izzy! Rene, this is so adorable! Thanks for sharing.
~ rubber hugs ~

Kathlene said...

Precious! You'll be so happy you have this someday when she's all grown up. Tell her she's a star! xoxo

Paula said...

OH MY GOODNESS! This is just too adorable!!! Tell her great job and I'll be asking for a autograph one day soon!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Definately a star in the making here. I still have a recording of my daughter singing Incy Wincy Spider when she was 3( she's 25 next week)I can still see those fingers climbing up like a spider LOL.
Well done Izzy!
Hugs Julie P

Unknown said...

How precious and she is a cutie!!!! She is a star!!!!!

Danielle Champagne said...

Adorabe, I didnot know that song! thanks for sharing. Hugs.

cathylynn said...

I've gotta smile from ear to ear bumblebee. While wouldn't Izzy be so proud of me. Of course this is the next verse to her song. Hey that's so cute and adorable. Thanks for sharing.
Super hugs from South West Pennsylvania!!!

Card Crazy said...

Izzy, I really needed this smile and song today. You made me feel so much better. Thank you and please remember me when you become rich and famous.
Sue S.