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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weekly Challenge


Now that it's warmer (although a cold front is moving in later this week and this cheapskate will be turning OFF the air! Lol!) and we are outside almost all the time, it's time to coat ourselves in titanium dioxide!

No matter what your skin tone, you NEED sunscreen.  If you are fair with blonde or red hair, light eyes and freckles (gee, it's like looking in a mirror!) be extra vigilant. 

Coat yourselves up my need it even in the winter but especially so in the summer!!!  Don't forget your ears, scalp, and the back of your legs and arms. 

Ok, soapbox put away!  Have a great week!!!


Donna Heber said...

Hi Rene,

Great post to remind people to be safe! On the weekends I spend all day outside in my gardens and don't use anything less than 30 spf.

Lisa Minckler said...

OOOPS...too late! :( I can't wait for the tease of cooler weather.