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Thursday, April 5, 2012

New playroom!

First came the purge and then came the organization!  We created a "work station" for coloring, homework, etc.  We also made an "art wall" to display their work (although, to be honest, it's all Grace's...Izzy isn't much of an artist yet!). 

Coloring books in the first bin, work books in the second...

There is a kitchen area, an area for misc. toys, a building center and the twin bins hold books.  The blanket and pillows are so we can read in comfort! 

My favorite part we've actually had for's a corkboard covered in fabric and is another place to display art work!  (Iz has quite a few pictures up here!)

It looks so nice I may not let the children in...bwahahaha!


Mary J said...

That is so fab Rene - lucky things! I hope my craftroom looks as professional when I get it done!!

Have a lovely weekend sweetie!

Danielle Champagne said...

That is great Rene, what a fun place to play! Should do the same with my workplace LOL.

Jean said...

A great little playroom. You must have just cleaned it up or are the girls that neat??? bwahahaha??????
Really love how colorful it is and how much fun they must have in it and now leaving Mom alone to have her own room :)
Hugs, Jean