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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekly Challenge: Gratitude

I have so many blessings in my life and yet I often get the uneasy feeling that I am not truly (or rather, fully) grateful for them.  So this week my focus will be on trying to be grateful...even for the challenges (because, hopefully, they provide me with a chance to learn and grow!)!  

After all, nothing in life matters but who you love and who loves you...stuff, well, it's just stuff!  And too often, "stuff" distracts me from what is truly important. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

Rene :D


Mary J said...

Hear, hear, Rene!! I'll be with you on this one always!

Christina C. said...

Well said, Rene! Couldn't agree with you more!!!!

Michelle said...

So true Rene.

Thanks for the reminder!

Michelle :o)

Lisa Minckler said...

Here here, chica!
Besides, love you don't have to dust and stuff you do! :)
hee hee...

p.s. had to laugh, you got me good on the prego comment! LOL....nice one. :)


Jean said...

I agree one hundred percent.. got to thinking.. was sitting here in my (happy place?) I used to call it and it doesn't seem to be that anymore... it seems so unimportant lately and has lost that thrill that it used to have to me and I thought if I lost it all today it wouldn't matter to me cause I would still have what matters most.. friends and my loved ones. so stuff, junk, not more feeling that great and thats why I havn't been making cards so much.. course the doctors say that is just depression for my illnesses but I think it is reality.. What do you think?
Love you lil bear and my baby bears

Rene said...

I don't know it just in the realm of card-making that you've lost enthusiasm or is it in other areas? I'm glad you're surrounded by people who love and care for you! I hope you have a blessed Easter!
Baby Bear ;D

Danielle Champagne said...

Rene, I agree totally. and I also have a lot to be grateful about. I try to remember this, even if I do something I don't like... I try to remember that at least, I can do it!! I love this challenge... and I am sorry I was not here earlier.