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Saturday, April 21, 2012

This week's challenge!

This week's challenge may cause you to look like this for a moment:


Cash only! 

For one week, use only cash...not a debit card, but cash!  (If you are like me, you're thinking, "What's the difference?"  Well, every time I take cash to Target, Michaels, etc. I still end up overspending and having to use the debit card to rescue me...this week I vow to only take cash into the back up methods!). 

Many of you already use this method but for those of you who don't, give it a go!  See what happens!

Have a wonderful week!!!!


Danielle Champagne said...

OMG... I do have that look on my only... first of all I will have to go to the bank...LOL

cathylynn said...

Ditto Danielle. Who carries cash???? I love the look on this babie's face. That's probably the look I have on my face like right now. Off to the bank in the morning!
Hugs, Cathy

Rene said...

Lol...that is Izzy at about 6 months!

Christina C. said...

OMG...I NEVER have cash!!!!!!!!

Sandy said...

I agree with Christina - do without my plastic - NEVER!!!!!
What a precious baby!

cabio's craft corner said...

LOL, love this pic Rene, Izzy is so very cute on this pic!!

Unknown said...

Oh my this picture is priceless. Should really be on a commercial!!!! I love it!!!!