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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekly Challenge: Break it Down!

Saturday is Isabel's family party (my baby is going to be FIVE!  Wow!)...I could totally stress about getting the house ready for company but I've decided to relax and break it down.

Monday I will clean the guest room...Tuesday the guest bathroom...Wednesday the living room...Thursday the playroom...Friday the kitchen and any other rooms that need attention. 

By breaking it down into smaller parts, I won't be stressing so much (I also won't be getting quite the workout that cleaning a house in one day entails, but still!  Lol!).

If you have a big project/task/etc. try breaking it down into smaller parts!

Have a wonderful week!

Rene :D


Mary J said...

A great idea Rene! I am starting my new job tomorrow so as I don't know what I'll be doing yet, I can't break it down yet!! The only things in my diary is a welcome lunch with my immediate team on Tuesday and then welcome drinks in the evening with the wider team - a great schedule so far, lol!

Rene said...

Lol! Have a wonderful time!

Sandy said...

I wonder if I can break down my spying on blogs - hmmmmm. Wonderful advice. Izzy is going to be 5!!
Gosh, before you know it, she will be getting married.
Sandy (I hope I did not misspell her name - I can't spell kat)

Jean said...

Wow my littlest bitty bear is going to be 5 hard to believe!! I wish you had told me earlier.. Please let me know earlier so I can make them cards... Wish her a Happy Birthday and then come clean my house baby bear!!!
Hugs, Mama Bear